What We Do

Ferveo specialises in the sale of volume residential property throughout the United Kingdom at levels which offer the seller a better return than traditional bulk deals.

We oversaw in excess of 600 completions in 2013 working with developers, agents, banks and receivers.

We offer a complete solution for vendors looking to sell volume residential property to the national and international investment community from assessing stock holdings through to placing them with the investment community and seeing them through to legal completion.

We can work with batches of 3-4 properties up to entire developments, and typically our investors are looking to buy new or recently built properties which might be tenanted or vacant in areas of high rental demand.

The key to our success is the trust shown in us by our partner companies - we have unrivalled access to the country's leading off-market residential investment brokerages, and they trust us to source, research and package residential stock throughout the UK for them. It is their buyers who contract and complete on the stock that we work on.

Run by an ex-main board director of a national house builder we pride ourselves on being dynamic We are not a predatory organisation and pride ourself on being able to see both sides of the fence. Many of our vendors sell property through us on a repeat basis on the strength of our performance, commitment and results.

If you have stock holdings that you are considering selling get in touch today for an informal assessment and see how we can help you.